Custom Application Development Services also known as Body Shopping is rampant for decades and has been more common after the birth of Internet.  Talents from around the world are mobilized to supply the growing demand of IT services. Primarily any Software Development Company has 2 focus areas

“Change is inevitable. Change is constant.” – Benjamin Disraeli   Legacy applications are over. But does that mean replace the old and discard the new? Organizations tend to use Legacy applications due to various reasons, familiarity, staff’s comfort level, change averseness, to avoid migration costs and any unwarranted possible downtime.  This is fine on pragmatic […]

IT revolution has started decades ago and automation has pushed industries to implement various automation workflows to suit the industry demands.  Over a period of time several applications survived and got updated, and millions perished.  In general only those applications survived which were really important and had no alternative, applications that scaled and adapted to […]