Software plays a major role in any Industry. Combination of right tools and software enable any syndicate to deliver excellent ROI. Every organization has a predefined set of goals and daily activities that constitutes the occupational cycle. Daily activities are recorded with their status at all organizational levels. while this can be done using manual methods but an automated system that has a reliable memory which stores all the data and returns it on fetching is inevitable for large corporates as well as small to medium businesses. With several open source generic software available for managing daily workflow and processes like Human Resource, Time Keeping, Workflow management, Reporting, etc., selecting an appropriate software is not strenuous anymore. Said that, standard enterprise applications that power most of the businesses come at an affordable cost too.


Several software development companies are thriving in the heart of Asia, India and are providing reliable and quality IT services.  Savitriya Technologies has been engaged in delivering quality Software Development Services for several years using latest technologies like Perl, PHP, Python, Java, Ruby, .Net, C, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. If you desire a rich application or intend to explore web technologies like Bootstrap, jQuery, AngularJS you can reach us. Savitriya’s niche expertise is in building products that enable Startups and Enterprises to leverage their budget and get cutting edge software delivery on time.  We have a long time clientele, who are not only satisfied with our delivery standards but depend on us for all their development requirements. Our clients consider Savitriya as their progress partners and are benefiting from contemporary technology driven solutions at affordable cost.


Savitriya also has a small Research and Development team that focuses on various software development frameworks, methodologies, web technologies and mobile architecture to evaluate the benefits of revolutionary technologies and share the benefits with clients. We have served various industries from Social, Travel, Finance, Facility Management, Automobiles, to Wellness. Before crafting any solution, lot of analysis goes into studying current market practices, upcoming trends, contemporary technologies, viable solutions, cost effectiveness, etc. Hence the feasibility of solution will be unquestionable. Despite all this client’s approval matters to us.
In the entire development lifecycle we do not proceed to the next step without your approval. Once the course is set, we take off a speedy development and deliver a solution in minimum timeframe.


Our goal at Savitriya is to build beautiful, reusable code, ensure the cost and delivery times are minimal and at the same time Return of Investment is maximum for the client.  A good delivery is our long term reward.

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