The 10 New Offerings of Android Nougat

Google’s latest operating system for Android devices is set to take the market by storm with its advanced features and improved user experience.


1. One of the newest features which is going to be its selling point is the ability to split screen space between apps. Two applications can run simultaneously allowing user to monitor a real time analytics report while edit another. Allowing users to perform multitasking without closing any app.


2. Talking about performance, this new OS is loaded with enhancements to improve your user experience. The battery optimization functionality – Doze which subsides background activities to save battery life is a boon to smartphone users. Although this feature was introduced in Marshmallow but it has been further improvised in the new version, a lighter version of doze has been added to Nougat that saves phones battery while also allowing apps’ wake-locks to function with minimum battery consumption.


3. Moreover, installed applications consume substantial data, to prevent this data consumption, precautions are introduced such that background applications do not have any access to data. Software upgrades run in the background without interrupting ongoing applications. These installations are faster and seamless.


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4. Enterprise applications can leverage Nougat’s security features for more secured data access functionalities. Password based access can restrict unauthorized access from tampering with organizational data. File based encryption provides higher level of security to individual files and folders.


5. Sharing files will be easier through the new drag and drop feature. User doesn’t have to depend on the navigation options provided within app to attach files in mails or messenger.


6. Slight alterations are made in the notification template to make it more insightful at a glance. It even allows users to reply from the notifications window on the fly instead of opening the app introduces a high convenience level. And not just this, you can even silence a notification or turn them off by pressing on it a little longer.


7. Taking an advanced leap in the mobile experience Google has integrated Virtual Reality through Daydream. Use of Vulkan API for rendering 3D graphics to support advanced gaming options.


8. Looking at Androids popularity in major continents multiple language settings have been integrated.


9. A rich variety of emoticons that even allow you to select different skin tone will be introduced with this version.


10. Android devices lacked an inbuilt call blocking functionality which caused device manufacturers to introduce such custom features. Android Nougat has an inbuilt phone number blocking facility which includes blocking messages along with calls.


Currently only Nexus devices have operating system. Other device manufacturers will soon launch their Nougat based devices in market after working on their customizations.
All these enhancements point to Androids enterprise readiness in terms of security and performance.

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