Custom Application Development Services also known as Body Shopping is rampant for decades and has been more common after the birth of Internet.  Talents from around the world are mobilized to supply the growing demand of IT services. Primarily any Software Development Company has 2 focus areas


  • Build a product, launch, sell, upgrade and keep selling the services and
  • Provide Custom Application Development Services


Most companies adopt the 2nd option as that involves lower cost and less risk.  The 1st option involves huge risk and high investment to generate the initial break through, thus only few companies opt for that.  For decades companies from Asian region have focused on the Custom Application Development Services and have been successful in delivering services to the companies mostly from the West and Global enterprises.  Trends are changing with the start up fever gripping across the content, new age companies are willing to take that risk and come up with innovative products.


Savitriya technologies engage in both Product Development and Custom Application Development Services, the end result is very promising as the passion to build Products is shared among the entire team and thus the companies DNA.


Custom Application Development Services includes web application development, portal development, website development, CMS (Content Management System like WordPress), ecommerce (Magento and Prestashop), API Development, Mobile Application Development as per the requirements from the client.  Agile Development, the most common process in the industry is used to design and deliver as fast as possible.  Proper project management with tools like JIRA OR Redmine enables the requirement breakdown, features and issue tracking a breeze for clients.  Best practices are followed from day one to ensure Code readability and reusability.  For all Custom Application Development services, the IP rights are owned by the client and a strong NDA is followed to protect client’s interest and investments.


If the client is not having a strong product owner at their end, availing a body shopping service can be a daunting task.  At Savitriya, over a period of time, we realized this and ensured more transparency and openness to enable clients can fill their gap of having an absence of product ownership by deploying a reliable product development experienced personnel.  This has resulted in cost saving, increased client confidence and minimum delivery issues.

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