The word ‘Mobile’ is inevitably used in our lives today. Due to the latest advancements in technology a lot of development has been and is being done in this domain. Mobile Application Development covers a major portion of software development. Mobile being the most easily accessible medium from commercial to business activities all are accomplished using dedicated smartphone applications.


Whether it’s a social platform like Facebook or a ticket booking application like Make My Trip all have a mobile presence. Infact high profile organizations like NASA use mobile app to outreach people. Mobile applications offer myriad features, high definition images and most importantly run on devices that are an integral part of our lives. Businesses use mobile apps not just to connect with their customers but also to connect internally with their employees and vendors.

More and more businesses are hosting their services on mobile owing to the agility it offers. Software enterprise development these days mostly comprises development of native and multi-platform applications, designing integrable APIs, migrating existing applications to mobile, etc. While cross platform applications and responsive websites are cost effective and a quick technique of developing versatile applications to support varied devices, native applications are feature rich and offer an enhanced user experience.
Android and iOS acquire most of the market and therefore are the majorly used platforms. API integration is not stringent in android development environment as compared to iOS.

On smart medium like mobile, fast and lightweight applications are preferred rather than conventional – heavy and slow to load applications. Moreover users have low patience levels which calls for building websites that are optimized for mobile viewing. To provide seamless and unified mobile experiences companies are opting for mobile versions of their web applications built on latest technologies like HTML5.

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